About Us

Hotel Telecom Is What We Do

Devera Technologies is a dedicated assembly of telecom and IP developers, engineers, programmers and technical personnel aiming to bridge the hospitality market's telecom needs from past to present. Involved in the technical side of hotel communications for the last 30 years we understand the challenges facing hoteliers today. At the forefront, communications, and migration into the ever-advancing IP realm.

Budgeting for this technology can be a daunting task, that is why we have selected the top of the line enterprise grade system innAcloud Technologies as our primary IP PBX of choice. Without a doubt the most feature rich hospitality IP PBX on the market today but also the most cost effective! Devera Technologies is the ONLY single source for hotels that still utilize the Hitachi HCX5000 PBX. We have the critical parts inventory, upgrades and solutions in addition to the technical prowess to keep your Hitachi HCX5000 in optimal working condition until an upgrade to IP is warranted.

Our expertise in CCTV solutions, engineering and structured cable implementation makes us a one stop shop for all your technical needs whether you are an existing hotel or just breaking ground. Have a look around our site, ask us for our many references, we would be glad to provide you with a quote or address any questions you may have.

One Call Fixes Everything

Leveraging 30 years of Telecom experience, Devera now offers managed IT and Telecom support services for hotels throughout the United States. This service is helpful for hotels with limited on-site IT resources. We want to become your reliable partner for all hotel telecom issues. Unlike many hotel support services, we actually enjoy troubleshooting and repairing older existing systems like Hitachi HCX 5000. If you have an older system in need of support, call us.