A Bit Of History Of Hitachi PBX...

In the mid 1970's, Hitachi Telecom began producing quality PBX systems for use in the Hospitality (USA) market. These systems were designed exclusively for the Hospitality market and provided a great cost reduction solution compared to Western Electric systems provided by the Bell companies.

Through the years the AX Crossbar (1972-1978), the EX Solid State (1978-1983), the DX Space Switch (1983-1987) and the HCX Time Division Multiplex (1987-2004) PBX systems were installed throughout the USA, taking the lion's share of the Hospitality market.

Unlike the Avaya and Nortel PBX systems, which are on the verge of extinction, the Hitachi HCX PBX systems are still very much alive in many hotels. With technology moving to Internet protocol (IP) and a high potential for wireless in our future, Hoteliers have been hesitant to invest in a new Hotel PBX system; that let's face it, is rarely used by the guests, and may become outdated as soon as the installation is finished.

Devera Technologies: A One-Stop-Shop For Hitachi PBX

At Devera Technologies, we offer a one-stop-shop for all your Hitachi needs; from hardware replacement, backup software, and documentation, to services and support for the Hitachi HCX 5100, 5300, 5400 and 5500 models. Even if your current software is running without backups (or not running at all), Devera can fix, grab your current database, and back it up in the form of an "image" on our cloud drive. When (not if) your current hard drive fails, Devera can re-create your data and send you a replacement drive within 48 hours.

We also stock a full inventory of Power Supplies, which you may already know, have a tendency to fail at the worst possible moments. Be assured though, the CPSP, RGMW, CPPW, SPPW, MWPW, or RGPWA can be sent to your property within 24 hours - restoring service quickly and efficiently, should the need arise.

To learn about Power Supplies and Hard Drives (the only major parts that usually fail), click here.

In addition, we offer a service plan that covers everything within the four corners of your Hitachi HCX 5000. The cost is only a dollar per room per month. For larger properties, this minimal cost can even be negotiated!

To learn about our service plan, Click here.

OR, to learn more about your Hitachi HCX, click here and we'll send you a free PDF file with complete details regarding your system.

Learn More About Your Hitachi

To get started, let us guide you in identifying what you have. Below, we have provided pictures of each system in existence:

HCX 5100

hitachi hcx 5100

HCX 5300, 5400 or 5500


What Model Hitachi Do You Have?

Hcx 5100, Hcx 5300, Hcx 5400, Hcx 5500 Or Unidentifiable?

What Hitachi Software Do You Have?

Next, let's identify the 'SO' and software number for your system. This can be found on the floppy disk within your Hitachi.

The 'SO' number tells us when your Hitachi HCX 5000 was manufactured, and your software number tells us the following (depending on which version you have):

HCX 7.0A or 7.0B

This software was introduced in 1994 to suffice the "NANP" North American Numbering Plan change, allowing for NNX Area codes. This is the basic version of HCX software which includes:

  • North American Numbering Plan (NANP)
  • ACD Calls Waiting Queue Indicator
  • Addition/Deletion of Prefix for PMS and PMSHOBIC
  • Administrable Outgoing Restriction Table
  • Attendant Recall to Multiple Attendants
  • Automated Data Generation
  • Basic Rate Interface (BRI)
  • BCL Designation for 9-Less Dialing
  • CallMe Return Default by BCL
  • Call Restriction Enhancements
  • Call Waiting to VMS for DID
  • CMAT/Remote CMAT Entry Screen Enhancements
  • Combined Alarms
  • Credit Limit Report Enhancement
  • DISA Administered Off-Line
  • DMFT Multi-Line Monitor
  • Emergency Alert Termination
  • Expanded Carrier Access Code (101XXXX)
  • Expanded Service Codes (Use * and # for special services.)
  • Forced Account Code
  • Enhancement Internal Call Return Message Waiting for Admin Phones Sent to PMS
  • Remote Call Coverage
  • Room Status Enhancements
  • SelecSet 700 Series Multifunction Telephones
  • Special Calls Enhancement
  • Stutter Dial Tone
  • Tax Algorithm Change
  • Transfer Internal Call to 0
  • WelCOMM GuestMail (WelCOMM VoiceMemo II name change)
  • 911 Service
  • 0+ Routing (Operator Express)


HCX 7.3A or 7.3B

Introduced in 1996, this software has the same features as the 7.0 series with the following enhancements:

  • Attendant Continuous Ringing
  • Caller ID Interactions with Call Transfer
  • Call Waiting Caller ID
  • IOC Initialization
  • Key Group Enhancements
  • Remote Monitor of IOC Ports
  • Seconds Displayed on SMDR
  • Special Number Routing
  • Switch-hook Flash to a Trunk
  • Trunk Answer From Any Station (TAFAS)
  • 911 Alert to SMDR/PMS Hobic


HCX 7.4A, 7.4B, 7.4D

This software was introduced in 1997. Depending on your type of system (7.4D was introduced for the HCX 5100), it is the same as 7.3 series with the following enhancements:

  • 9-less Station to Station Access Code
  • Autodial Key Assignment for Key Groups
  • Caribbean NPAs for V&H
  • Emergency Alert Alarm for MFTs
  • Fault Recovery for Clock Alarm
  • Four Digit Year Field
  • Option for SMDR Call Records
  • Increased Key Group Maximums
  • Maid ID
  • Reset Local Office Codes for V&H
  • Selective Ringing for Hotel Groups
  • Tone Key Enhancement
  • Variable CMAT Interface


HCX 8.0A, 8.0B or 8.0D

Introduced in 1999, this software is the same as the 7.4 series with the following enhancements:

  • ANI Block
  • Attendant Interflow
  • Bridged CAPs
  • Caller ID Translation Table
  • Clear Call Block on Checkout
  • Continuous Ringing for SelecSets
  • CTI (Computer Telephone Integration)
  • Daily Wakeup Registrations
  • Disable Feature Access Codes for Rooms
  • Do Not Disturb Forwarding Language and VIP Indicators
  • Multiple Language
  • Wakeup Multiple Music on Hold
  • PRI Calling Name Suite Group:
  • TAFAS Ring Monitor and Busy Lamp Field for SelecSets
  • VIP Wakeup
  • WelCOMM GuestMail Enhancements
  • Send name to VMS at check-in
  • Send language and VIP indicators to VMS


HCX 9.0A, 9.0B or 9.0D

Introduced after the turn of the century, in 2001, this software is the same as the 8.0 series with the following enhancements:

  • ANI Block Enhancement
  • Attendant Traffic Reports Enhancement
  • Audible and Visible Alarms
  • Block Directory Name
  • Call Record Transmission Using HOBIC Merge to PMS HOBIC interfaces
  • CMAT Enhancements
    • Call Coverage
    • Call Forwarding
    • Direct Screen Access Indexing Capability
  • Station Data Display CTI (Computer Telephony Interface)
  • Data Warehouse Interface
  • Fault Dump Format Enhancement
  • Headset Enhancement
  • High Speed Data Access to Guest and Conference Rooms
  • Point of Sale Access Code
  • PRI Diagnostic Tools
  • PRI Circuit Status Tool
  • PRI Make Busy/Idle Tool
  • PRI Trace Tool PRI Enhancement—NI2/3 Interface:
    • Calling Number ID
    • Calling Name ID
    • Call-by-Call Service Selection
    • B-Channel Availability Control
  • SelecSet 900 Series Multifunction Phones
  • SelecSet 900 Soft Key Menu Features
    • Autodial Key Programming Coverage
    • Do Not Disturb
    • Redial
    • Name/Number Search
  • Reminder Call Suite Group Enhancement
  • Mixed Phones in Hotel Groups
  • Group Hold Enhancement
  • Trouble and Warning Message Log Wrapping
  • Trouble Message Output Control


HCX 9.1A, 9.1B or 9.1D

And lastly, introduced in 2002, this advanced software does just about everything each of its' predecessors did.

What Type Of Software Do You Have?

Including: HCX 7.3A, HCX 7.3B, HCS 7.4A, HCX 7.4B, HCX 7.4D, HCX 8.0A, HCX 8.0B, HCX 8.0D, HCX 9.0A, HCX 9.0B, HCX 9.0D, and no floppy disk found.

Devera Technologies Annual Service Plan

When You Purchase An Annual Service Plan With Devera Technologies, You Will Receive The Following:

  • First, we will obtain a copy of your current database which is usually backed up on 3 (4 if 9.0+) "RCD" disks. If you have bad disks or no disks at all - don't fret, we still have quality 5.25 and 3.5 disks that are brand new and still hold data. Once we have the disks with your system data, we will create an image of your hotel and store it for you.
  • On larger systems, we may send out another Hard Drive, copy your database out of your running system, and then send the drive back to Devera for data storage. This is all included within your service plan; you are only responsible for the cost for an on-site technical interaction (if needed).
  • After we have imaged your current database, we will install an analog modem on your Hitachi HCX PBX (if you do not currently have one). From there, all remote work from us is included in your service plan. We will only charge for on-site technical interaction (again - only if needed).
  • Additionally, we stock most Selectsets which are refurbished and carry a guarantee - providing you a 'one-stop-shop' for your Hitachi needs.

Are You Interested In An On Premise And Hosted Ip-pbx Solution?

We at Devera Tech, also sell and service the advanced iACT hosted PBX, which provides a cost-effective solution that fits the space of your current PBX system. As the only Elite iACT Distributor in the world, we hold the reputation of providing the most efficient and cost-effective PBX solution on the market.

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