Hotel Telecom Services

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Legacy Hitachi PBX Support

Devera Technologies is the ONLY single source for hotels that still utilize the Hitachi HCX5000 PBX. We have the critical parts inventory, upgrades and solutions in addition to the technical prowess to keep your Hitachi HCX5000 in optimal working condition until an upgrade to IP is warranted.


Enterprise Hotel Telephone Systems

Hotel owners can now have telephone system capabilities at a much lower cost. The iACT solution by innAcloud Technologies is simple, cost-effective and reliable. Designed exclusively for the hospitality industry, and scalable from 24 to 4608 end users, the iACT solution is perfect for small to large hotels.


IP Video Surveillance Systems

Devera Technologies in-house engineers design and implement state of the art IP video surveillance systems from proven industry leaders, combining the best hardware and applications available to keep your facility and assets secure. Whether your system is intended to protect your guests, assets, personnel, or monitor your facility inside and out. IP surveillance systems can provide capabilities well beyond traditional analog video cameras.


Network Infrastructure Wiring

At Devera Technologies our in-house OEM certified, experienced field technicians, and Project Managers are capable of planning, designing and installing your wired network infrastructure. Our services include Cat5E & Cat6, Coaxial and fiber optic cable installations. All of our projects meet or exceed industry standards.


Mitel Systems Support

Guests are engaging with your hospitality business more than ever before. Whether you are a hotelier or in the cruise ship industry, how guests view and review your service is of utmost importance. Scalable, reliable communications are needed to provide the best customer experience to guests, while streamlining your operations.


Real Time Ticket Feedback

Devera Technologies uses a proprietary trouble ticket support system where you, as the hotel manager, can enter tickets online. Then you can monitor the progress in real time as technicians update the ticket. Imagine the peace of mind watching your problem get diagnosed and repaired as it is happening.

Our call, anytime, anywhere!

We specialize in troubleshooting legacy telecom systems

A faulty telephone system not only disrupts your business operation. It also influences your guest's perception of your hotel. Not hearing a dial tone, intermittent static, or a muffled voice is not going to impress your customer.

At Devera Technologies, hotel telecom support is the heart of our business. We excel in delivering flexible and cost effective support to individual hotel needs. We combine telecom and IP developers, engineers, programmers and technical personnel to ensure your communications is up all the time.